About Us


What started out as a hobby has now turned into an All-Natural Brand you can truly trust.


Liv With Nature started out as an All-Natural Hair Care Company, after the unexpected experience of hair loss. This led to the realization that what we put IN our bodies is just as important as what we put ON our bodies. After the search for all-natural products that were paraben free, preservative free, that didn't comprise of any derivative of sulfate AND also budget friendly, was more than a struggle, the creation of handmade products became the true solution. Since then, the Liv With Nature All-Natural product line has expanded, providing not only high quality products that give great benefits but also assisting others to change the way they look at products as a whole. More often than not, we find ourselves overpaying for products that under deliver. For this reason, Liv With Nature All-Natural Products' goals are to provide quality, budget-friendly, plant based all-natural products, for every essential need. The All-Natural Products include Hair Care, Household Care, Oral Care and Skincare. All products are freshly handmade with raw fruit, organic essential oil and natural oils. The complete Liv With Nature Collection is non-toxic, preservative free and contained in eco-friendly packaging.

"When you respect nature, nature will respect you".

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