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Eco-friendly Products, Safe For You, Safe For Your Pets, Safe For Your Loved Ones

At Liv With Nature, we feel that you shouldn't need a dictionary, when reading product labels. We also believe we shouldn't have to choose between the quality over the price, especially when you are looking to improve your health. Because of this, Liv With Nature has created over 26 high quality, budget friendly, plant based products, for every essential need. Our products are handmade and consists of ingredients that are fully biodegradable, for we encourage sustainable living, and use eco-friendly packaging. Liv With Nature is non-toxic, contains no alcohol, aluminum, sulfates and/or fluoride, as we use clean and simple ingredients, that yield amazing benefits. Our products consists of our main collections: Oral Care, Skincare, Apothecary Household Care and Hair Care. The products are made to fight against cavities, provide a brighter smile, eliminate bad breath, alleviate acne, lighten scars, balance body odor, disinfect the home, relieve anxiety and stimulate/restore hair growth. Liv With Nature's mission is to not only provide health & wellness products, but also educate and empower the consumer to change the way they look at  products, as a whole. As consumers, we deserve to have the best of ALL worlds: quality, budget friendly products, made with clean and simple ingredients. Liv With Nature is not a trend, we are a brand that represents a lifestyle, as we truly believe: When you respect Nature, Nature will respect you.

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