Essential Oil Diffuser

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Size: 32 oz

  • Purifies Air
  • Clears Respiratory System
  • Relieves Anxiety


Product Details:
  • Size: Buddha Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser (7 inches tall) Weight: 2 lb (Two Button Function - one for lights, one for mist)
  • Size: Lemongrass Essential Oil (0.5 ml)

Aromatherapy For Your Home

The Essential Oil Diffuser, accompanied with lemongrass essential oil, will purify the air, and has powerful aromatherapy benefits. The decorative Buddha head piece, is made of ceramic and will be sure to add a unique style many of your guests will desire. The Essential Oil Diffuser has a button for different light settings and another button for misting settings. The lemongrass essential oil can be used inside the diffuser (or for other uses). Both products contain elements that will cleanse the energy in the home, majorly assist with respiratory issues, and will allow yourself to feel soothed, calm and relaxed. The Essential Oil Diffuser is truly a must have necessity for your home.

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