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All-Natural Avocado Shampoo

All-Natural Avocado Shampoo

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Liv With Nature All-Natural Avocado Shampoo is packaged in a 16 oz glass jar.

The All-Natural Avocado Shampoo is NOT your store bought shampoo as it it truly all natural and will not produce the toxic suds. It full of non-toxic fresh ingredients including avocado and sea moss gel. This shampoo cleanses and detangles your hair, without breaking the ends and/or stripping your natural oils. It is designed to give your strands a smooth touch and is guaranteed to reduce shedding by AT LEAST 60%! The All-Natural Avocado Shampoo is great for the newly transitioned natural hair enthusiast.

**REFRIGERATION** is required to ensure maximum freshness. 

  **Main Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Avocado, Bentonite Clay, Coconut Water, Cucumber, Essential Oil Blend, Sea Moss Gel


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