Essential Oil Diffuser Set

Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

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  • Size: Buddha Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser (7 inches tall) Weight: 2 lb (Two Button Function - one for lights, one for mist)
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil (0.5 ml)
  • Size: Manifest Sage Stick Wrapped With Bougainvillea Glabra (3 to 4 inch stick)
  • Lemongrass Household Cleaner (16 oz)
  • Crystal Air Planter (2 to 6 inches tall)

The Best Gift For Your Home

The Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set is a must have for your home, as it will purify the air, and has powerful aromatherapy benefits. Included in this gift set is the essential oil differ, which has a Buddha head piece, lemongrass essential oil to use inside the diffuser (or for other uses) a manifest sage stick that will aid in fulfilling your desires, the lemongrass household cleaner (the safest number one cleaner on the market) and a crystal air planter. All of these products contain elements that will cleanse the energy in the home, majorly assists with respiratory issues, sanitize the entire home and allow yourself to feel calm and relaxed. The Essential Oil Diffuser Set is also a great gift idea, for your loved one. 

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