Why Does My Favorite Cleaning Products Give Me a Chemical High?


 Are Cleaning Products Harming Your Health?

Many of us have used cleaning products that give us a chemical high when cleaning - some folk may have even passed out by mixing those chemical cleaners. But I'm here to tell you, while the chemical high may seem temporary, it can definitely have long lasting damaging affects. Toxic affects include respiratory issues, lung function and brain function. You don't have to pass out in order to have a disinfected home. ⁣

Did you know that lemongrass essential oil and tea tree oil can be just as effective as bleach? When using the essential oils in its purest form, it has been supported to fight against fungal growth and countless viruses. These essential oils are found in our All-Natural Household Cleanser, which is great for aromatherapy, helps calm the nerves, and soothe the mind and heal the soul. ⁣
Thanks for reading and always remember, "When you respect nature, nature will respect you..."
**Coronavirus Disclaimer: While this remedy contains commonly-accepted natural antiviral ingredients, Liv With Nature is not making any claims for prevention against virus, such as the Coronavirus. 
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