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How often do you read labels on your favorite skincare products? You may notice ingredients that are hard to pronounce, identify and have never heard before. And if you try to do a quick Google search, you may find its confusing scientific title followed with ‘also known as’ or ‘can be known for’ which will often lead to a more commonly known ingredient that is classified as toxic.

All-Natural Skincare Products should be non-toxic and chemical free

The three most harmful ingredients that are most commonly used are any derivative of sulfate, Tetrasodium EDTA and Propylene Glycol.  These ingredients give products a longer shelf life, and creates a creamy texture and enhances the foam, BUT it has adverse affects. Affects can include but are not limited to: damaging the natural lipid barrier of the skin with causes dry and skin irritation, discoloration of skin tone and hair loss. It won’t take long for you to research and learn the hidden truths about these ingredients.  According to a growing body of hazard-based evidence suggests connections to long-term health concerns like cancer and reproductive problems. As consumers, we should be able to buy products that gives us nutrients, not take it away. This is why Liv With Nature offers top quality products that are truly all-natural. The Liv With Nature product line is full of fresh all-natural ingredients that gives your skin the love it needs. They are guaranteed to nourish, replenish, revitalize and prevent premature aging. Not to mention, everything is contained in eco-friendly packaging.

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