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Safest Cleaning Products on the Market

Have you found yourself getting ‘contact high’ after using popular store-bought products? The affects can include feeling hazy, have cloudy thoughts and blurry vision. Cleaning your home should give a clearing space, not a drug-filled affect.

Why non-toxic and chemical free household cleaning products should be your first choice

The most popular cleaning products contain some of the most toxic ingredients, that can have negative long term affects. Irritable eyes and/or throat, headaches that can lead to severe migraines and multiple related health problems, just to name a few. An example of toxic ingredients are: any derivative of phosphates and sulfates as well as ammonia and ethylene glycol. has a complete list of commonly known household products that can cause more harm than good. The FDA recommends using products are both contained in eco-friendly packaging, comprised with ingredients that are safe to the environment. Liv With Nature All-Natural Household Care Products will give you this and more. The Liv With Nature All-Natural Household Care Line is suitable for any area of the home, is safe for any human or pet of all ages. The ingredients used include all-natural fresh fruit and naturally occurring elements that are biodegradable.

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